What is Voter ID card and Why is it necessary?

By | December 30, 2022

What is a Voter ID card and Why is it necessary? Every adult citizen in the country should be aware of What exactly is Voter ID? Every citizen is required to have an identity card.

If you are 18 years old and do not have a Voter ID card and do not know how to make one or how to apply for one online. All you have to do is follow this procedure, and you can also generate your voting card online.

When there is an election round, you must have a voter ID card in order to vote in it. You cannot vote in an election without it.

The Election Commission issues an election list based on ward numbers prior to the election. It includes a voter list for each ward. People whose names appear in the ward go to vote in that ward according to their ward number, according to this list.

What is a Voter ID?

A voter ID card is an identity card issued by the Election Commission of India to every Indian citizen.

An Indian citizen’s voter ID card serves as proof of identity or address. This card is not only useful for voting; it is also required by many government programs.

When a citizen reaches the age of 18, they can apply for a Voter ID card. Every citizen who is eligible to vote, according to the Election Commission of India, obtains a voter ID card. Every five years, India holds elections.

It is the responsibility of the Election Commission of India to ensure that every citizen who has become eligible to vote arrives at the voting booth on election day to cast his vote.

Because India is a democratic country, government elections are held here, and without a voter ID card, no one can vote in the election.

When a voter goes to vote, his name is checked against the voter list.

When there is a debit on the voter list, only he is sent into the voting booth. However, he cannot vote if the voter list and voter ID card are not present.

Every citizen has the right to vote in an election only once. As a result, after voting for your favorite candidate in the booth, fingerprints are taken so that everyone can only vote once per rule.

Documents required to apply for Voter ID

If you want to create a Voter ID card, you must submit some documents as proof. As with identity and address proof, name, photo, and other information must be provided.

The documents that you must have in order to apply for a voter ID card online are listed below. This list contains information on all of the required documents.

  • Proof of Age and Identity (Submit a document containing your identity and name).
  • Address Verification (document containing proof of your address)
  • A passport photo was taken recently (Any recent passport-size photograph taken)

Age and Identity Proof

  1. 10th and 8th-grade mark sheets.
  2. UIDAI issues birth certificates,
  3. PAN cards,
  4. driving licenses,
  5. Aadhar cards.

Address proof

  1. Passport,
  2. Ration Card,
  3. Driving License
  4. Rent Contract Income Tax
  5. Water Bill
  6. Telephone Bill
  7. Gas line installation Bill \s
  8. Bank Order for Passbook
  9. Income Tax Assessment
  10. The Indian Postal Department delivers mail and post.

Recent Passport Size Photo

If you have a recent photo that is also in passport size, you can use it to apply. If not, you can still remove a new photo.

A photo is required because the same photo will be on your voter ID card for identification.

Why Voter ID card is necessary?

When a citizen reaches the age of 18, he can apply for a Voter ID card, which is provided by the Election Commission of India.

The voter ID card has always served as identification. It proves our Indian citizenship, that is, the person who possesses this card is an Indian citizen.

There is no fee for creating a Voter ID card. The Election Commission of India provides free voter ID cards to all citizens.

Once the voter ID is created, you are eligible to vote in the election.

How to make a voter ID card by applying online?

What is Voter ID card and Why is it necessary?

What is Voter ID card and Why is it necessary?

You can apply for your Voter ID card by going to your neighborhood. To create in the block, simply go to the block and submit the required documents.

However, people nowadays have less time to go to any government office and volunteer their time. Everyone wants to do all of their work while sitting at home.

In response to this need, the Election Commission of India has provided all citizens with the ability to complete all of their work from the comfort of their own homes.

You must follow some steps by going online and must have some documents and a passport-size photo, which I have already mentioned in the above list.

If you have all of the necessary documents and a passport-sized photo, you can easily apply for a voter ID card by following the steps below.

Step 1.

To begin, go to the national voter service portal NVSP website. After that, you proceed to the next page by clicking on apply online for new voter registration.

Step 2.

After you apply online for new voter registration, you will be given Form 6, on which you must fill out your information.

It will take some time for you to complete Form 6. You must be familiar with their section in order to fill out this form.

I’ll explain how to fill out each section here. So pay attention to what I’m saying.

First and foremost, select your preferred language. Here you will find Hindi / English / Malayalam languages that you can easily select.

Section 1:

(a) Now choose your state and district.

(b) Constituency / Assembly (Vidhan Sabha / Constituency) You must now make a decision.

(c) I request that my name be added to the electoral roll for the above-mentioned Constituency.

There will be two options available here: one for the new user and one for when the Constituency is changed. You must now choose here.

Section 2:

When you enter your information, such as first name, surname, and address, it is automatically translated into Hindi.

Simply enter the information in English in the English-only box.

(a) Enter the first name in English here, and the name in Hindi will be added automatically on the right side.

(b) Fill in your surname.

(c) Type in Father’s first name.

(d) Type in Father’s surname.

(e) Select Father as your relation option now.

(f) After entering your age, enter the age you have reached so far or your date of birth.

(g) Select Male/Female as your gender in Gender.

Section 3:

(a) In the first place, write the house number.

(b) Fill in the blanks with the names of your street, locality, and area.

(c) Fill in the blanks with the name of the city or village.

(d) Provide the post office’s address.

(e) Type in your postal code.

(f) In State, enter the name of your state.

(e) Fill in the District field with the name of your district.

Section 4:

If you only have one address, choose the same address in the correspondence after writing your permanent address. Tick the Same as above for this.

Section 5:

(a) If you have a disability, check the box and select it. If it is not, leave it unticked.

(b) If you have an email address, enter it here; otherwise, leave it blank.

(c) Enter your phone number here.

Section 6:

(a) Now, upload your passport photo size.

(b) Next, upload your document as proof and select the document type from the drop-down menu.

(c) Select the document type and upload the address proof document.

Section 7:

(a) Type in the name of the Apna town/village.

(b) Enter the name of your state or state here.

(c) Enter the district/district name.

(d) Fill in the date.

(e) Select your name if it is already on the voter list.

(f) Fill in the blanks with the name of your district or village.

(g) In the Current date, enter today’s date.

(h) Finally, double-check the completed form and press the submit button.

When you submit your form successfully, you will be given a Reference Id to track it. This Reference Id can be used to track the status of your allocation.

Finally, your new voter ID request has been received by the Election Commission of India. After all of your documents have been verified and approved, the ID will be ready for you to pick up.

You will receive your Voter ID card by mail or by block.

When you fill out the form, make sure you enter your information correctly in each step. If you enter your information correctly, your voter ID card will be ready and delivered to you shortly.

In short

Friends, I hope you enjoyed this post. What exactly is a Voter ID Card? Learn how to make a voter ID in detail here. If you have any questions about this method, please leave a comment. I will do my best to assist you.

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