What is Speed Post? How to send Speed Post?

What is Speed Post? How to send Speed Post?

What is Speed Post? How to send Speed Post? Because this service is so inexpensive, any ordinary person can use it to send goods and mail. Indian Post Service is both inexpensive and secure.

You should be aware of the post office in your area, which is located some distance from your home. Posts, telegrams, and letters received by the Indian post office are delivered door-to-door by the postman.

You will learn What is Speed Post in Hindi and how to send it in today’s post.

People frequently receive government documents, bank documents, credit cards, debit cards, ATM cards, and court papers only through the mail.

There has been a significant shift in the way the Indian Post Office provides services. There was a time when people went to speed post, and even after posting, our post did not arrive on time, but we had no other choice at the time.

Today, the Indian post office is completely digital, with employees working on computers.

However, until a few years ago, the speed post was not so slow that it did not arrive on time. It used to take months for a post to get to us.

Indian government post offices have also improved their service in this way. So, in this post today, we’ll learn what speed post is and how it works, as well as how to do speed post.

Introduction to Speed Post

You may be unaware that the postal service you have been using for so many days began 33 years ago today.

From the beginning to the present, there has been continuous improvement in the Indian Post Service; initially, its services were very late, but with the passage of time, it has greatly improved. Speed post revolutionized the Indian postal service.

People have found it easier to send posts, letters, and telegrams since they began using this service. It was implemented at a uniform rate throughout India, with a fee of only Rs 25 set for sending it from one part of the country to another.

India is a large country with many states and many districts within each state. There is a post office PIN, which is also used when writing the address. It is the world’s most extensive postal network, with 155015 post offices spread across India.

How to send Speed Post?

Even today, everyone in our country needs to send a letter. Perhaps you know how to send it. But aren’t there some people who can do speed posts?

I’m going to tell you all here how to send the post to them. You will no longer need to learn anything from anyone; instead, you will be able to do speed posts easily by going to the post office yourself.

  • Put whatever you want to send in the envelope when you go to speed post. Use only the Indian government’s standard envelope size for this.
  • You must correctly fill out the From and To address on your envelope because if the address is incorrect, the package will not reach the intended recipient and will be returned. You can only use the standard envelope size for this. There is a proper place to put the address in it; simply fill in the From and To Ache fields.
  • Remember to enter your active mobile number as well as the mobile number of the address to which you are sending along with your name and address. Even if it does not reach the correct address, contact the post office and arrange for it to be delivered to you or inform them so that you can go to the post office and pick it up.
  • The words “SPEED POST” must be written on the top of your envelope.
  • Your post is now complete. You go to the post office, go to the counter, and give it to him to do speed post. He will now weigh that post and charge it accordingly. Now he will hand you a speed post receipt with the consignment number on it.
  • Keep the receipt you were given very carefully because you will be able to track your speed post using the consignment number written on it.
  • If you have a problem receiving or sending speed post, you can file a complaint with Indian Post using your consignment number.

Friends, you should now understand how to send speed posts.

How to track Speed ​​Post?

Friends, you have learned a lot about speed posts up to this point, and you also know how to send speed posts.

However, when we send speed post, we always consider when our package will arrive at its destination.

So that’s what we’re going to talk about because they do track the speed after all.
Friends, you should now understand how to send speed posts.

  • You must first access Indian Post’s official website.
  • Track N Trace will appear here, and you must check the Consignment Number box below.
  • Fill in the Consignment number from your receipt in the box below, and then enter the Captcha code.
  • When you click the Track Now button, you will immediately know the status of your Speed Post.

How to track Speed ​​Post through SMS?

Friends, if you go to the Indian Post website and click on the speed post, you will get complete information, but you can also check the status of your speed post without using the internet.

Please let us know how we can track it via SMS.

Open your mobile’s message box.

  • Now type POST TRACK in this field, followed by the Consignment Number.
  • Send an SMS to 51969 or 166, and the standard SMS charge will be deducted from your account.
  • After sending an SMS, you will receive the Speed Post status in your inbox.


It has been our goal to provide all kinds of information to our Indian people in simple terms through this blog so that everyone can grow together and move the country forward.

You have learned about the cost of sending speed posts, the fastest service of the Indian Postal Service, and how to send speed posts.

I believe you understood correctly. What exactly is Speed Post?

In today’s post, I attempted to educate everyone on what speed a post is, how to send it, and how to track it after you’ve sent your post.

If you enjoyed this information, please share it with your friends.

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