What is LCD and What is its full form?

What is LCD and What is its full form?

What is LCD and What is its full form? If you understand a little bit about some new information, you will also understand what is LCD (What is LCD)?

“Liquid Crystal Display” is the full name of this technology. Flat panel display technology is typically used.

It was created primarily for use in computer monitors, mobile screens, and televisions. It will also be used for the screen of a laptop and a smartphone.

In today’s world, everyone uses various forms of entertainment. that he does a variety of tasks for entertainment, such as using a mobile phone, watching TV, going to the circus, etc. Everyone has become modern in today’s world.

As a result, for entertainment, they primarily rely on television and smartphones. With the passage of time, everyone is employing some form of advanced technology. Today, we will tell you about the most advanced type of television, LCD.

Do you know what LCD is, what it is used for, what technology it uses, and what its advantages and disadvantages are? If you are unaware of all of these, then this article will be very useful to you. Please read this important article written by us until the end.

What is LCD?

LCD is the most advanced type of television. This is the television itself, but it is far more advanced than the old CRT television. LCD does not use the old TV technology, but rather the new technology of today.

It is a type of screen found in a variety of electronic products such as watches, DVD players, televisions, video games, tablets, computers, mobile phones, and so on.

It is a type of optical device that generates monochrome images and displays them on a screen. The liquid crystal performs the task of producing monochrome images.

LCD consumes very little power while. Also providing excellent video quality.

LCD televisions are much thinner than CRT televisions. LCD TVs do not display pictures on their own. But rather reflect the light that falls on them with the help of another source, and the picture is displayed as a result of this action.

What is the full name of the LCD?

It is, as we know, filled with a type of liquid crystal that displays monochrome images. Because it contains liquid crystal, it is known as a liquid crystal display, and this is its full name.

On what principles does LCD work?

When we say the electrical current enters the liquid crystal molecule, it gets inside the molecule and begins determining the angle of light, which causes the picture to be displayed.

It is made of liquid crystals, which reflect different types of light from different parts of the screen. A reflective mirror is placed on the back side while making this.

Because the anode is made of indium tin oxide and the image display device is placed at the bottom, different colors of light appear across the entire area of the LCD.

How many types of LCDs are there?

As we all know, there are numerous types, but there are primarily two.

  1. STN LCD
  2. DS LCD


STN LCD stands for super twisted nematic liquid crystal display. LCD has multiple layers, which are located between two parts of the particles (molecules).

Liquid crystal molecules rotate the rotation angle at the same angle in all layers, with the final layer of liquid crystal molecules rotating the rotation angle at an angle greater than 90 degrees (180 – 240).


Dynamic scattering liquid crystal display is its full name. Inside a very thin glass, layers of liquid crystal molecules are coated with a substance, into which the LCD’s molecules automatically reset when electricity enters the screen and the picture appears on the screen.

When was LCD invented?

George Harry Helmeyer and his entire team invented the LCD.

George Harry Helmeyer is regarded as the most prominent name in its invention. Despite the fact that it took a long time to develop, LCD television was made available to the general public in 1968.

George Harry Helmeyer worked hard to make many small changes to the CRT TV and give it the form of an LCD. That is, George Harry Helmeyer made the most significant contribution to the discovery of LCD TV, and he also contributed to its theory.

What are the advantages of LCD:-

You should have figured out what its advantages are by now, but if you haven’t, the benefits of LCD are listed below.

  • They use less power than CRT TVs, which saves energy.
  • LCD televisions are much thinner and lighter than CRT televisions.
  • It has excellent video quality, whereas CRT TV has poor video quality.
  • LED is very inexpensive.
  • This game’s video graphics are very smooth and good.
  • The images displayed in it are very clear and bright due to the heavy liquid crystal in it.
  • LCD TVs are less bulky than CRT TVs, which contributes to their growing popularity.

Disadvantages of LCD:-

Now, whatever we use in our daily lives has some disadvantages as well as advantages.

This also occurs. In such a case, have you ever considered what the disadvantages of LCD are to us? If not, let us explain.

  • The main difference is that LCD TVs are slightly more expensive than CRT TVs, which means that poor people cannot afford them.
  • Its temperature is limited to when it is running; after that, it becomes cold and can quickly deteriorate if not used.
  • It cannot function without an alternating current drive.
  • It is not recommended for low-light environments because the colors of its images fade in low-light conditions.
  • Other sources of light are also required, which is why LCD TVs display images.

How much does the market price of LCD start from?

What is LCD and What is its full form?
What is LCD and What is its full form?

As we know, LCDs are sold at very expensive prices, that’s why poor people cannot buy them. Get such people LCD TV, there are many such companies, which sell LCD TV in the markets at very low prices.

Such LCDs last for a very short time, about 2 to 3 years. So let us tell you about the price of LCD TV sold in the market. CD TVs are sold from ₹ 4000 to lakhs of rupees.

Some companies making LCD TVs:-

There are many companies manufacturing LCD TVs, some of them are listed below.

  • LG company
  • Samsung company
  • Apple company
  • HP company

There are many such companies that manufacture LCD TVs, all of which are difficult to describe, so write the names of some of the most well-known companies above.


We have explained what LCD TV is for those who are unfamiliar with the subject. Aside from that, it was explained how it works and how many different types there are.

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