The 5 Best Apps for Positive Parents 2023

By | November 13, 2022

Positive parenting is a concept that’s become increasingly popular in recent years. Parents who use positive parenting techniques are more likely to have happier children, lower rates of behavior problems, and higher levels of school success than those who don’t. But how do you know if your own parenting style fits into this category? Or even if there’s even such a thing as “positive” parenting.

1. Parent Lab

The 5 Best Apps for Positive Parent 2023

The 5 Best Apps for Positive Parents 2023

Parent Lab is a website and app that helps parents learn how to use positive parenting techniques. The website provides information about the latest research on positive parenting and encourages parents to be active participants in their children’s lives. It also offers access to videos, podcasts, and other resources that will help you understand how to practice these techniques with your child.

You can use Parent Lab’s app on your phone or tablet to access all of this content at any time—and even save it for later when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

This app uses research-backed strategies to help parents learn how to parent in the best way possible, using positive parenting techniques. You can use it to track your child’s behaviors and then come up with solutions to tackle issues together.

The app has a built-in calendar where you can mark down all of your child’s obligations or events, along with any other notes or reminders that need mentioning. The great thing about this feature is that it allows you and your partner (if applicable) to share important information about what needs doing at specific times during each day so there will be no confusion about what needs doing when—and why.

2. The Happy Child

The 5 Best Apps for Positive Parent 2023

The 5 Best Apps for Positive Parents 2023

The Happy Child is a mobile app designed to help parents and children interact more effectively. The app comes with a variety of features, including:

  • The ability to set goals that your child can earn as they complete activities. For example, if you want to encourage your child to eat his vegetables every day, you can set up “eating” as one of the goals on the app and give him badges for each time he eats an entire vegetable or fruit. If he doesn’t meet his goal by a certain date or during a certain period (such as “eat three servings in two weeks”), then he will receive feedback about how much longer it will take before reaching it next time around so that he knows what needs improvement.


  • A daily activity feed that includes things like “play outside” or “brush teeth.” By clicking into these activities within this window at any time throughout each day—even while away from home—you’ll be able to see what kind of activity was completed by each family member during their trip together; however if there wasn’t enough time left after working hard during those hours spent outdoors playing soccer together then maybe try doing some yoga instead before dinner tonight because we both know how great those practices make us feel afterward.

The app is designed for children and parents alike. Kids can interact with the app to win rewards and badges for good behavior, and parents can use the app to set goals and adjust them accordingly.

In addition to tracking their progress, you can set up an account so that your child has access to all of his or her information in one place—no more searching through different apps.

3. Positive Parenting Solutions

Positive Parenting Solutions is a website that offers courses and resources to help parents learn positive parenting techniques. The website uses the principles of positive parenting, which include:

  • Teaching your child to control their own behavior by setting limits and consequences for bad behavior.
  • Providing plenty of praise when they do something right, instead of focusing on only negative things that have happened recently (for example: “You did really well on the bus ride home!”).

The PP Solutions app offers video courses that focus on helping you learn positive parenting techniques that will make family life more manageable. The app has become incredibly popular thanks to its success in helping families adjust their negative behaviors.

PP Solutions is a popular parenting app that helps parents learn positive parenting techniques, such as how to discipline children and how to communicate with them effectively. It was first launched in 2016 by Kenneth Fung and his wife Shyamala Rajaram, who are both entrepreneurs based out of the San Francisco Bay Area (CA).

4. Happy Kids Timer

The 5 Best Apps for Positive Parent 2023

The 5 Best Apps for Positive Parents 2023

The Happy Kids Timer is a simple and effective app that can be used to reinforce positive parenting techniques. It’s also free, so you won’t have to worry about spending any money on it.

The Happy Kids Timer features:

  • A timer that counts down from 30 seconds (or whatever your child’s attention span maybe). This feature allows you to train your child in ways that are fun for them as well as for you! For example: if they don’t want to do their homework or chores when the timer goes off at 10 minutes, then they’ll get another chance 10 minutes later on when they’re feeling more cooperative again.
  • You earn these points based on how well your child behaves throughout their day; these points can be redeemed later on towards rewards like toys or treats from Mommy & Daddy (or whoever else might be in charge).

This is a simple timer app that will help you and your kids stick to schedules and routines throughout the day, based on the principles of positive parenting.

The app has two different timers: one for you and one for your child. You can set up both timers within seconds—it’s that easy! The child timer keeps track of how long it takes for them to complete certain tasks (like brushing their teeth), while the parent timer helps ensure that each member of your family follows through with their assigned responsibilities day after day without fail (and without annoying whining).

5. S’mores Up

The 5 Best Apps for Positive Parent 2023

The 5 Best Apps for Positive Parents 2023

S’mores Up is an app that uses positive reinforcement to help parents and kids form good habits. Available for iPhone users only at the moment, S’mores Up aims to teach children how to set goals and reach them with encouragement from their parents. The app uses a simple interface that allows parents to track what each child is doing in real time as well as avoid distractions from other apps or games on their phone.

S’mores Up has received many positive reviews from its users who have found it useful for teaching their children about goal-setting and setting up routines before bedtime (like brushing their teeth).

Some parents even use it as part of their daily routine with little ones so they can put them directly into bed after dinner instead of letting them play video games until late at night.

The S’mores Up app is a great way to turn dinnertime into a fun bonding experience that ends with earning points for any positive behavior from kids. Parents can then redeem these points for fun rewards and treats! This one is available for iPhone users only at the moment, but an Android version is coming soon.

This app uses positive reinforcement techniques by allowing parents to turn dinnertime into a fun bonding experience that ends with earning points for any positive behavior from kids. Parents can then redeem these points for fun rewards and treats.


In conclusion, the 7 Best Apps for Positive Parenting is a great resource for parents who want to improve their parenting skills. The app offers various self-improvement tools that can help you approach your child’s behavior more effectively. We recommend trying out these apps today.

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